Fill up on Vitamin C

The vitamin C , you know, it's that famous little one vitamin who is known to fight colds or fatigue? Did you know that it also plays an important role in the quality of skin ?

In exfoliating , in cream or in serum , there are now many cosmetics based on Vitamin C . And for good reason, this antioxidant will both revive the radiance of your skin and preserve its youth.

Also known as L Ascorbic Acid, it is, in fact, recognized to protect the skin from free radicals responsible for skin aging (UV, pollution, tobacco, stress ...) and thus make your skin bursting with beauty .

Here's a quick summary to help you navigate it!

Its anti-wrinkle benefits

Essential to the elasticity and firmness of the tissues, the collagen is a support of the skin . But with age, its concentration decreases.

Say goodbye to your skin close and hello to wrinkles and fine lines and sagging skin!

But there might be a way to fix it. Indeed, the vitamin C has a stimulating action on the production of collagen. As a result, it acts on the firmness of the tissues. It makes the skin more toned and prevents the appearance of wrinkles . Magic !

Vitamin C Active Concentrated Face Serum - BODYMANIA will revitalize your skin while acting on the production of collagen .

What are you waiting for? Try it, you will see!

Its benefits on hyperpigmentation

The scars of acne , the sun spots , of old age or even the redness , here are the results of a pigment irregularity.

But the vitamin C is probably LA vitamin best known as an excellent ingredient to alleviate these minor inconveniences.

Its brightening effects are attributed to the role of vitamin in inhibiting Tyrosinase, a key pigmentation enzyme that is responsible for the production of melanin in human skin.

Simone advises you to turn to her Brightening Facial Cream Vitamin C - BODYMANIA , a perfect ally against redness and long-term fading! For more results, you can combine it with the Serum and the Micellar water Vitamin C !

The Vitamin C Hand Cream - BODYMANIA will also be the perfect treatment for hands with imperfections : dyschromia, age spots and freckles.

Boost the effects!

You want to boost the effects of vitamin C and give a boost to your skin ? Combine this antioxidant with the Vitamin E and B5.

Yes, the three of us are always stronger! The combination of these vitamins will allow a hydration optimal of your skin and one complexion more luminous and more consistent over the long term! To you skin dazzling and sweet !

Why not start with the Microdermabrasion Vitamin C - BODYMANIA ? Its formula composed of 81.7% ingredients of natural origin , supplemented with seed oil grape , of Shea Butter , juice aloe , and of vitamin C , B5 and E will perfectly eliminate dead cells very gently!

A very dry skin ? Let yourself be tempted by the Vitamin C Bath Foam - BODYMANIA and speak Vitamin C Body Butter - BODYMANIA !

Enriched with vitamin C and E , they will perfectly nourish your skin and will leave a delicate and fresh smell all day long!

Simone's advice

For even more results, complete your beauty routine by a diet rich in vitamin C ! But where to find the vitamin C daily ?

Don't panic, here is a list concocted just for you that will boost your energy and your skin : blackcurrant, kiwi, citrus, strawberries, cauliflower… and many more. So, what do you think ? On your forks… Get set… Eat!

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