Mint whitening toothpaste - KEETH


Do you dream of a bright smile? Go for this toothpaste ultra-efficient!

Thanks to its formula enriched with baking soda, it will effectively maintain the radiance of your teeth.

Bicarbonate is a natural product recognized for its effective effect on the maintenance of teeth; allowing to smooth the teeth gently while considerably reinforcing the action of brushing on dental plaque and stains.

Used daily, it will offer you a double action by cleaning your teeth and whitening them with each brushing.

Nothing could be simpler to keep healthy white teeth , try our grandmother's recipe!

  • Utilisez le dentifrice Keeth enrichi au bicarbonate de soude avec la brosse à dents en bambou Keeth.
  • Brossez-vous les dents comme à votre habitude.
  • Souriez !


    Sorbitol, eau, carbonate de calcium, silice, bicarbonate de soude, PEG-400, PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone), triphosphate de sodium, arôme, CMC, PVMM, benzoate de sodium, saccharine, gomme de guar, methyl esther, acétate de propyle.

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